Paving the way for Seeds of Dominion

A writer’s schedule is frequently a chaotic thing lacking definition. There’s always another project looming on the horizon. There’s the short story you owe this week, plus the novel you’re working on, plus the novel you want to get to next, and even the short story you  owe next week or month. And sometimes those get switched around on the priority totem as the mood suits.

As of today, I’m actually putting the finishing touches on a novel that is not part of the Eldros Legacy. It’s the third in another fantasy trilogy, and I’m in the last of the multiple editing phases I generally go through for anything I write. It’s called Paladin’s Light, and once I get that done, I’ll be digging into my first Eldros Legacy novel, Seeds of Dominion, which features Rellen of Corsia on a mission that begins as a murder mystery of sorts and evolves quickly into something far greater and more sinister.

At the same time, I need to get a short story done for Eldros Legacy. As you may or may not know, part of our master plan is to release one book a months for the next eight years. Those will be written by multiple authors. Additionally, we’ll be releasing anthologies that contain short stories set in every corner of the world we’ve been creating and will be expanding as this project gains momentum.

The story I’m working on is a sort of coming-of-age / rite-of-passage novel with a twist. The whole thing is meant to do a little world-building, show what the flora and fauna can be like on Daemanon, and—most importantly—give you a rockin’ good story with characters you may want to see again.

I don’t know how other writers do it, but when I write a short story, it’s always with the notion that I will or at least can take those characters and setting and turn them into a novel. I don’t always succeed, to be sure, but I go into it with that intent.

Truth be told, the primary storyline that I’ll be working on in Eldros Legacy, namely Rellen of Corsia, is a direct result of this process. Rellen first appeared in the short story “Fist Full of Silver,” appearing in the anthology When Valor Must Hold. That one story has set me on a path that currently includes an entire continent, seven or eight disparate races, political turmoil, ancient adversaries, and enough intrigue and murder to make any fan of such dance with glee. Now I just have to execute  on it, and do so you your satisfaction. That’s my hope. I suppose I’ll find out if I succeeded or not in due time, and I encourage you to reach out to me when you see things that you love or even hate.

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