Adding Definition to Characters and Plot Through Short Stories

I Just wrapped a short story that will be published by New Mythology Press this fall. The process for this particular story really stands out for me.

Since creating the realms on Pyranon, my imagination skips from character to character and to their places with in the different stories taking place at the same time. I’m no George Martin, for sure, but this is SO MUCH FUN!

There’s a lot going on in the beginning, set during the timeline of about 1700 MG. A lot of setting the stage(s) for what’s to come. And that’s all sorts of wild and wooly good times, plus just enough conflict to keep everyone guessing on the edge of their favorite reading chairs.

Next up, I’m starting a short story from the High Court on Pyranon. This will will still be fantasy, but I was asked to write some horror for this upcoming release. (Twist my arm, man!) So the genre for this short story will actually be gothic fantasy.; although it still contains ongoing story from Pyranon and the “current” High Queen, Arianna Bellagrave and her daughter, Princess Mahaela.

Have I mentioned that I love my job?


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