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Month: December 2021 Get it January 4th: SEEDS OF DOMINION

Unholy evil lurks in the shadow of a magical kingdom. When a duke and his family are butchered in their sleep, a beleaguered king commands his brother Rellen to uncover not only who committed the heinous murders but why. Was it sedition? Political assassination? Or is it the gruesome machinations of a blood-hungry demon goddess and her cult? Like fighting

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Month: December 2021 Coming December 7: KHYVEN THE UNKILLABLE, by Todd Fahnestock!

A rising champion. A secret rebellion. A deadly crossroads. After forty-nine victories in the bloody Night Ring, Khyven the Unkillable is a celebrity gladiator. If he can survive one more battle, King Vamreth will free him and declare him a knight. But the king doesn’t play fair. Instead, for Khyven’s fiftieth “battle,” the king orders him to travel through the

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