Deadly Fortune Goes Live

Deadly FortuneThe Eldros Legacy team has launched another great novel. This one is from Aaron Rosenberg, a critically acclaimed author of fantasy and science fiction who has also written for World of Warcraft, Star Trek, Star Craft, Stargate Atlantis, to name only a few.

We’re delighted with his novel Deadly Fortune, a rip-roaring tale of piracy on the high seas in our epic fantasy setting. While not part of the overarching meta-story that the Founders are diligently working on, this novel expands the world of Eldros and gives readers a sumptious taste of just how expansive the Eldros Legacy books are going to be.

So, what is Deadly Fortune about?

Piracy, mystery, and adventure await a pair of… brothers?

Sundra Aruvar is a prince, young and pampered—until he kills the wrong man in a duel. Now he’s hiding his status and fleeing for his life.

Ruhi Naidu is a merchant’s daughter who helps her father run his warehouse—until her aunt insists she become a proper young lady. Now she’s disguised herself as a man and run away to gain her freedom.

When the two meet, they agree to keep each other’s secrets. And when pirates board their ship, they stand together as family, for bare is the brotherless back.

Taken to the Areyat Islands, the pair are forced into servitude. But when they are accused of dreadful murders, the supposed brothers must figure out what really happened—before they pay the price.


GET YOUR COPY TODAY! And if you enjoy it, please please please leave a review. Authors live and die by their reviews.

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