Khyven and the Colorado Book Awards

Kyven the UnkillableWe are proud to announce that Khyven the Unkillable is a finalist for the Colorado Book Award!

Well done Todd Fahnestock!

We’d like to send a huge thank-you to the Colorado Humanities & Center for the Book as well as to all of the founders, cohort authors, and creatives involved with the Eldros Legacy.

We all continue working our brains out to provide one great book after another for our growing list of fans, and it’s things like this which stoke the flames of creativity.

Finally and most importantly, we’d like to thank  every single reader who loved this book. We can’t wait to show you more Khyven and his friends as they continue on their epic adventures.

You can get your own copy of this, the first, of the Eldros Legacy novels. Released in December of 2021, it got the new IP started with a real BANG!

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