Welcome to the Eldros Legacy Archives. Here you will find all the characters, locations, and everything else in the Eldros Legacy setting created by best-selling and award-winning authors Quincy J. Allen ,Todd Fahnestock , Rob Howell , Mark Stallings , and Marie Whittaker .

What is the world of Eldros? It's a world of five continents that have, for almost two millennia, been virtually separate from each other. Following the War of the Giants, all memory of the other continents, which few Humans knew anyway, disappeared.

You'll see that reflected here on the archive and with the books with five distinct sigils, plus one for the world of Eldros. Here they are.

* * *

Daemanon Thuroi Small
This sigil, the green demon, represents the continent of Daemanon, which was created by Quincy J. Allen. You'll find this logo on all pages listing locations, items, languages, religious figures, and people originally from Daemanon. The first book on Daemanon will be Seeds of Dominion , book one of the Legacy of Demons. It came out on the 4th of January, 2022.

* * *

Drakanon Thuroi Small
The gold dragon represents the lands of Drakanon, created by Mark Stallings. Again, it will be on all pages from here. The first book in this series will be The Forgotten King, book one of the Legacy of Dragons. This comes out Summer, 2022.

* * *

Noksonon Thuroi Small
The shadowed tentacles grabbing the sun are the eternal battle of light and dark on Noksonon, created by Todd Fahnestock. The first novel set in Noksonon is Khyven the Unkillable , book one of the Legacy of Shadows .

* * *

Pyranon Thuroi Small
These are the gems and flame of Pyranon, created by Marie Whittaker. The first novel in Pyranon will be Embers & Ash, book one of the Legacy of Queens. This comes out in Summer, 2022.

* * *

Shijuren Thuroi Small
Finally, the blue scroll shows those things from Shijuren, created by Rob Howell. The first novel in the Legacy of Legends, entitled The Door Into Winter, comes out May 10th, 2022. This is not the first novel in Shijuren. In fact, there are novels in The Adventures of Edward and a prequel trilogy entitled The Kreisens .

* * *

EL Main Pentagon Small
This sigil is in all of these pages describing things that cross the entire world. Included here is the page describing Magic in Eldros, the Eldrosian Language, the Readers, which are the only Human connection common to all continents, and other things as well.

* * *

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Welcome, fans of the Eldros Legacy. And congratulations, fans of Shijuren. You got in on the ground floor of something special.