Boron Krakvaricht

Daemanon Thuroi Small


Hair: Fiery Red
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 4 ft 11 in
Weight: 160 lbs


11 Calendar of Shijuren|moanne 1683 MG


BORE-on KRAK-va-rickt

Appears In

Seeds of Dominion

Boron Krakvaricht is the current 8th Guardian of Pelinon. Born beneath the Sylverwylde Mountains, he calls the Delver city of Kyl'Davaricht his home. His short, stocky frame isusually clad in the partial plate mail of his kin. He has a fiery red beard, hazel eyes, and a shock of red hair flowing down his back that looked like an animal’s unkempt mane. Boron is a weapons master capable of using virtually any weapon, including swords, axes polearms, hammers, maces, and flails.

His Guardian patrols include the Delver Draksymsur and several surrounding duchies as well as the bordering Kapren territory known as the Freehold of Kapren'Zuur.