Daemanon Thuroi Small


Type: Humanoid
Height: ft in to ft in
Weight: lbs to lbs
LIfespan: Approximately years
Common Male Names:
Common Female Names:


Distinguishing Characteristics

The Charonos, also known as the Elder Wolves, are a wolf-like humanoid race that lives in the northeastern reaches of the Demon Spine Mountains and plains along the Kingdom of Pelinon’s border.

The Wolf Lords of Charon Vai have maintained a treaty with the Kingdom of Pelinon for over two-hundred years. They have also attempted to maintain a position of neutrality with both the Soo Kari'Ma and Pelinon. The rules have been simple. Neither nation can pass through Charon Vai without the Lord’s explicit approval, and his intention has always been to keep the peace. He sides with none and attacks neither.

The Charonos also trade with any and all parties, but only at specific trade cities near the relevant nations.

The Charonos are renowned for fashioning remarkably sturdy hide-made armor, often made from wyverns and the occassional dragon.

In human terms, they look like a cross between a human and a timber wolf. They are large, thick-bodies creatures with heavy musculature. Their coats run the gamut, from white to tans, browns, grays, and blacks.