Daemanon Thuroi Small


Hair: Black (braid)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Weight: 185 lbs
Parents: Baron Dukatt Sylvemar


28 Simmermoanne 2689 MG



Appears In

Seeds of Dominion

Dancer, the estranged son of Baron Dukatt Sylvemar, is a very minor member of the Black Wyrm Clan in Svennival. He works for them as a collector of protection monies paid by the various businesses near the warf area of the city.

Dancer is around twenty, with a braid of silky, black hair down his back. He generally wears black leather pants tucked into leather boots laced up to his knees. His tunics are frequently the color of blood, and he often wears a black leather vest. He arms himself with a rapier at his hip and a long dagger in a horizontal sheath across the back of his belt.


Spoilers from Seeds of Dominion