Edward Aethelredson

Edward Aethelredson

Race: Human
Hair: Sandy brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 187 lbs
Parents: Aethelred Aethelwulfson, Aelfwynn Caedmondohtor
Sibling: Aethelflaed Aethelreddohtor


15 Wynmoanne 1683 MG


ED-ward ETH-ul-RED-son

Appears In

A Lake Most Deep
The Eyes of a Doll
Where Now the Rider
I Am a Wondrous Thing
"What's in a Name," first published in ''When Valor Must Hold"
"Magnum Opus," first published in Songs of Valor

Edward Aethelredson is a huscarl originally from Maerwynnshyht in Stanlaw, the kingdom of Middlemarch in the Seven Kingdoms.

On Helsniht, 1700 MG, Penwulf Cynricson, heir to the throne of Middlemarch, granted bencriht to Edward and named him a thegn.

His grandfather Hrolf Hroreksen was from Linethvaite Steading, Svellheim. His Svellheimish relatives include Steinarr Njallssen, a distant cousion.

In 1706 MG, Penwulf tried to take the throne from his father, Cynric II Alfredson, but was slain at the Battle of Raecford.

In this battle, Edward fought valiantly for Penwulf, thus fulfilling the oaths he had sworn to Penwulf, even to the point of killing his own father, Aethelred Aethelwulfson, a bencriht thegn of Cynric's. However, he was in turned struck down by Hlodowic Karlssen. Thanks to Edward's well-made helm, Hlodowic's strike merely knocked him unconscious.

Despite the fact that Edward had fought against him, Cynric recognized that Edward was attempting to fulfill his oath to Penwulf, so he took Edward into his hall. Bedarth Liffrea nursed Edward back to health, and began teaching him.
It was at this time, that Edward met and befriended Deor. These events are described in ["What's in a Name," first published in ''When Valor Must Hold" .

In early 1709 MG, Bedarth passed away, and Edward left Cynric's hall. Initially, he spent some time in Brunanburh, but soon traveled to Periaslavl where Ivan Yevgenich gave him a place in his izba.


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