Egill Thorgrimssen

Egill Thorgrimssen

Race: Human
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Weight: 191 lbs


24 Foarmoanne 1677 MG


EH-gill THOR-grim-son

Appears In

I Am a Wondrous Thing
Brief Is My Flame
None Call Me Mother

Egill Thorgrimssen is a symkurios from Svellheim. He was once a student at Froðheim, the academy of magic and learning founded by Veikko of Haapavesa. After a falling out with Veikko, he left the academy.

He specializes in using runes, most of ancient Svellheimish origin, in his magic.

Over the past few years, he serves another master, who is essentially unknown in the outside world.


Spoilers from I Am a Wondrous Thing


Spoilers from Brief Is My Flame