Era Rexhepi

Era Rexhepi

Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 154 lbs


8 Foarjiersmoanne 1670 MG


AIR-ah reh-ZHEH-pee

Appears In

The Eyes of a Doll

Era Rexhepi is a clikurios and a member of the kral run by Ylli Logoreki in Lezh, Lezhum Province, Empire of Makhaira.


From the Books

Two women and two men sat at one end of the table on the left side. With no wasted motion, our escort’s leader directed us to chairs opposite them.
One of the women, tall with short-cropped hair and eyes greener than the Bardheküülle’s lawn, stared at us calmly
The Eyes of a Doll