Etain Muirghein

Etain Muirghein

Hair: Dark (with auburn tones)
Eyes: Ice blue
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Weight: 137 lbs
Pets: Madra Te


4 Hjerstmoanne 1634 MG



Distinguishing Marks

A bright streak of silver in her hair.

First Appeared

I Am a Wondrous Thing

Etain Muirghein is the current Thalassocrat of the Western Isles. She gained this position for her skills at both political maneuvering and ship handling. She is the captain of the morcurrach Finola. She has a wolfhound named Madra Te.


From the Books

The captain, Etain Muirghein, smiled broadly from the sterncastle. She did not need to be beautiful for the sailors to pay attention to her, but she was. Blue eyes just a shade darker than glacial ice missed nothing. Dark hair with auburn tones and just a bit of a wave, split by a brilliant silver stripe right down the middle, fought to escape the leather band that held it back in the wind.

“Clear for action, lads. It’s too fine a day not to look for a fight,” she ordered.
- Brief Is My Flame