Geirr Stronghair

Shijuren Thuroi Small

Geirr Stronghair

Race: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 183 lbs
Parents: Ingmarr Tryggvissen, Asdis Einarrsdottir
Spouse: Piia Maari


3 Slachtmoanne 1685 MG



Appears In

I Am a Wondrous Thing
Brief Is My Flame
None Call Me Mother
The Door Into Winter

Geirr Stronghair is the jarl of Skjaerdalen Steading, Svellheim. He is married to Piia Maari.

When he was younger, his father Ingmarr Tryggvissen, sent him to serve as a thegn with Aarne Maari, jarl of Linethveite, in order to gain experience. It is there he met Piia.

Though he is extremely popular with his people and Skjaerdalen has provided many taxes to the konung, he is currently out of favor with Snorri Erikssen This is in part because of feuds with other jarls who currently have Snorri's ear. It is also because he is willing to argue with Snorri, and the konung doesn't always like that.

His most longstanding feud is with Brynhild Tennsdottir, who was once betrothed to Geirr in the hopes of tying the futures of Skjaerdalen and Ormskirkja Steading, which has been ruled by her family for centuries. However, Geirr chose Piia instead and Brynhild has never forgiven him.

However, the more bitter feud is with Erland Arnorssen, who is the jarl of Threkeld, a steading that borders Skjaerdalen. The current bone of contention is the town of Kolgrafir, which boasts an excellent quarry and has always been a part of Skjaerdalen until Erland produced evidence convincing enough to suggest that it should be part of Threkeld.

Erland's allies include Herlief Aliefssen and Ketill Karellssen, jarls of Malaren Steading and Bragisbyr Steading respectively.


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