Hlodowic Karlssen

Shijuren Thuroi Small

Hlodowic Karlssen

Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 209 lbs


1 Simmermoanne 1648 MG


huh-LOW-da-vik KARL-son

Distinguishing Marks

Lost his left leg in battle.

Appears In

A Lake Most Deep
"What's in a Name," first published in ''When Valor Must Hold"

Hlodowic Karlssen is an armsman and trainer at arms of Cynric II Alfredson in Middlemarch, Seven Kingdoms. He is originally from Schoenhafn, the Kreisens.


From the Books



“Show me what you did.”

The armsmaster glared at him. Eventually, “I felled a kinslayer.”

“Yes, you did. I think about that every day.” Edward looked at his hands, before turning his gaze back on the armsmaster. “But you did something strange to hit me and I couldn’t block it.”

“You blocked many blows that day. At least four of Cynric’s men were aiming for you at the end.”

Edward shrugged. “Yes, but I don’t think I could’ve blocked your blow if it had just been the two of us. It was… different.”

Hlodowic considered. “It’s no great secret, I suppose. I’ve had over two decades since I lost my leg. I’ve been fighting with that axe in one hand ever since.”

“Show me,” commanded Edward.

Hlodowic lifted his axe and sent it dancing a number of complex steps.

“Right there.”

The armsmaster stopped, holding the axe extended, perfectly still and stable despite its weight. Then he nodded. “Yes, that twist. Oddly, it’s something I could never do when I had two hands. I only figured it out when I learned how to fight with only one. More like using a sword than an axe, though with longer reach.”

“The gods give as they take away.”

Hlodowic stared at Edward for a long moment. Then finally nodded. “Get cleaned up. You’re a mess and it would not do for you to irritate Bedarth. And make sure to oil that armor.”

“Yes, armsmaster.”
- "What's in a Name," first published in ''When Valor Must Hold"