Hroudnand Gundahar

Shijuren Thuroi Small

Hroudnand Gundahar

Race: Human
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 6 ft 0 in
Weight: 183 lbs
Children: Claus Gundahar


5 Slachtmoanne 1678 MG


hrod-NAND goon-DA-har

Appears In

Brief Is My Flame

Hroudnand Gundahar is the kreisarch of Melsbachkreisen. He is smarter than most kreisarchs, and in fact reads Imperial texts whenever possible.

While he might have been a scholar in other realms, he is from the Kreisens and never had the opportunity. However, he turned his intellect toward becoming kreisarch and then expanding Melsbachkreisen, especially in the direction of Kalbergkreisen.