Daemanon Thuroi Small


Type: Humanoid
Height: 5 ft 7 in to 7 ft 9 in
Weight: lbs to lbs
Fur: Black, indigo, purple, or sky blue
Eyes: Red or yellow, occasionally white, blue, or green
LIfespan: Approximately 150 years
Common Male Names:
Jareth, Malleth, Korvith, Jarik, Mallik, Korvik
Common Female Names:
Melacynth, Valacynth, Damacynth, Melivar, Valivar, Damivar


Kah - prohss

Distinguishing Characteristics

Ram-line horns that curl up, back, and around from the temple.

Kapros (Kapron -pl)
The Kapron are a race of humanoids resembling a cross between humans and mountain sheep. They are an omnivorous species that lives mostly in mountainous regions. Their culture is as varied as human, and in the wars of 1250, the Kapron fought against Kingdom of Pelinon for control of the northern mountains. When the Kari’Ma waged a war, an alliance was quickly formed between Kingdom of Pelinon and the Kapron to stave off the barbaric intrusions. Over the next hundred years, the Kapron and Kingdom of Pelinon worked together to build the Strakha Line, a series of keeps spaced along the northern passes of the Demon Spine Mountains. These keeps created a boundary that has held the Kari’Ma at bay ever since.

The warrior caste ofthe Kapros are fierce and noble warriors who rely upon a preponderance of scale and hide armors as well as polearms coupled with shorter, curved sabers forged only by their race. They are made of light, immensely strong, folded steel with a trace amount of Pitchblende blended in. Their weapons are frequently imbued with a variety of different magical abilities, and these abilities are often matched to the Kapron who wields it.

The Kapros have strong tendencies towards both Land Magic and Life Magic but almost never have individuals who manifest Love or Lore Magic. Line magicians amongst the Kapros is rare, but not unheard of.

Regarding Kapron surnames. The naming convention is standard across all clans:
<Name> <Consonant>'<Surname>
The consonants are widely varied. Nobody outside the Kapros race knows why.