Lore Magic

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Lore Magic
Magic of Knowledge and Prophecy

Lore Magic, or Climajea, is one of the Five Streams of Magic in Eldros. It manipulates points in time and space, trying to influence the future. Most languages have their own term for a Lore magician, but the Imperial term of clikurios (pl. clikurioi) is accepted across the world.

Lore Magic is the most powerful of all types of magic. It can topple empires and re-arrange continents. However, it does this by manipulating points of probability known as kairoi, which simply make certain outcomes more likely. Individually, kairoi tend to be minor, meaning a clikurios must string many together to do these great deeds. Since each kairoi takes time, chains of kairoi meant to influence great things can take years, even millennia, to succeed, especially if a rival clikurios is actively changing kairoi to create a different result.

Lore Magic is known as such because the more a clikurios knows, the more kairoi he or she can see. Hence, most clikurioi tends to be scholars, librarians, and archivists or serve a deity whose focus is learning, knowledge, or the like.


Other Terms for Clikurioi



Notable Clikurioi

Athmose Runihara
Bisera Tomcic
Era Rexhepi
Hourig Orakpo
Idir Benyamina
Katayana of Amaranth
Naum Gropa
Veikko of Haapavesa