Magic in Eldros

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Magic in Eldros

Magic in Eldros, also called Majea in Imperial, is a supernatural method of influencing the world. It is both a talent and a skill, and is divided into Five Streams. Katayanica of Amaranth touched upon magic in his Katayanicum III:1.

  • Land Magic: Noted in Imperial with the prefix "ge-", it is the magic of influencing matter, light, sound, and other such non-living things.
  • Life Magic: Noted in Imperial with the prefix "zo-", it is the magic of influencing living things.
  • Line Magic: Noted in Imperial with the prefix "sym-", it is the magic of using symbols to influence a wide variety of things.
  • Lore Magic: Noted in Imperial with the prefix "cli-"), it is the magic of using knowledge to influence the future.
  • Love Magic: Noted in Imperial with the prefix "er-"), it is the magic of influencing emotions of all types, not just love.

A traditional rhyme to remember the types of magic is:
     To change nature’s guise
     One needs loves or lives
     Stone’s laws or sharp lines
     Or lore of the wise

Approximately one out of ten people have the capability to manipulate energy with their mind to some degree. There are many names for such people, but the term kurios (pl. kurioi) is known across the world. With training, the most talented can perform great feats, while those with lesser talent can do many useful things depending upon the type of magic they use.

Kurioi are limited by several factors, including raw talent, distance, type of magic, and the difficulty of the magic. As noted, magical talent varies in the person. Some kurioi seem tireless, and can cast spells seemingly without rest, while others fade quicker, but are especially powerful in what they can do. In general, the greater the spell the greater the resulting fatigue.

The only known ways to regain magical power are food and rest. Magic power can restore physical energy, but cannot restore magical power. Certain foods, like liver, are more effective restoring power, but all food helps.

Generally, kurioi can only affect things near them. They do not have to see their targets, but seeing the item or creature makes the magic more efficient. Some kurioi can reach longer distances, and the most powerful of these can reach far indeed. However, their power attenuates the farther they reach.

With few exceptions, a kurios can only influence one type of magic. Furthermore, within their type of magic, there are things that come more naturally to a given kurios than to another. In other words, though kurioi fall into these five broad categories, each is different from every other.

There are tools to enhance magical power, generally differing for each type of magical energy. Pitchblende and Mavric iron are notable as the only known substances that can enhance all types of magic. Mavric iron is created by powerful gekurioi who focus their power upon pure chunks of pitchblende. Once created, Mavric iron can be forged liked any other metal, though it often must be alloyed with other metals as it tends to be brittle.

Unfortunately, both pitchblende and Mavric iron tend to be extraordinarily harmful to anyone who uses them. Their minor effects are rashes, burns, and a pallid, wan appearance. Nearly every kurios who uses these substances records nausea and headaches. Kurioi who have survived prolonged use report suffering from wasting diseases and headaches so powerful they prevent magic use. In truth, however, most who use these substances tend to die quickly.

Each type of magic, however, has other, safer methods to increase power, such as location or items that can focus the magic. Also, kurioi can collaborate to create increased power or store power in other objects. An erkurios could work with a zokurios to increase the emotional power of a plant. For example, certain flowers enhanced in this way increase feelings of love in a couple. A zokurios and a gekurios could imbue healing power into a crystal or another object, giving it the ability to heal someone, like perhaps a wounded soldier. The possible collaborations are truly limitless.

Since collaborations of different streams of magic tend to work well, those few kurioi who can manipulate two different streams tend to be especially powerful. Their streams don't merely add together, they multiply to provide significantly greater strength. Were a person able to manipulate more than two, it is theorized, then this would multiply again. The power available to a person who can use all five streams is almost incalculable, so it is perhaps fortunate no human can do so.