Mygal Durintur

Daemanon Thuroi Small

Mygal Durintur

Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight: 170 lbs


7 Rispmoanne 1687 MG



Appears In

Seeds of Dominion

Mygal Durintur is currently the 13th Guardian of Pelinon. The latest addition to their ranks and the lowest ranking member, he is a cabable fighter and Heartbender of remarkable skill. He is generally seen wearing a light tunic of deep green, with a high collar and ruffled cuffs. His pants are dark gray leather, as are the gloves that come up to his forearms. Mygal has an inherently roguish look to him.

His speciality is as an information gatherer and undercover spy. His skills of infiltrating organizations is what caught the eye of the king after work he did in Corsia bringing down a group of slavers kidnapping young women.

Mygal grew up in the Beskiar District in Corsia, where he dabbled in criminal activity but never found a footing there. He tended to live "between" the gangs and organizations that etch out their living in the district as well as a number of officials in and out of the military.

He became an information broker of sorts at a very young age, keeping aware of the goings on, and managed to mostly avoid aggravating those he did business with.

Spoilers from Seeds of Dominion