Naum Gropa

Naum Gropa

Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight: 201 lbs
Mythology: Imperial
Portfolio: Language, Speech, Diplomacy
Large Temples: Achrida, Basilopolis
Symbols: Page with Glagolitsa lettering


27 Gersmoanne 1172 MG


23 Slachtmoanne 1241 MG


nawm GROW-pa

Naum Gropa was scholar, diplomat, and clikurios in Achrida, Dassaretum Province, Empire of Makhaira.

As a scholar, he is famed for creating the Glagolitsa script. Using that script, he brought literacy to the Berzeti Clan during one of his diplomatic missions. In return, the Berzeti joined the Enchelei.

In another diplomatic mission in 1215 MG, this one to Hanzekantoor, the Kreisens, he was detained and held prisoner for two years. During this time he wrote The Notes of Naum in His Captivity.

He founded several schools, most notably the Achrida Literary School in Achrida and the Pliska Literary School in Basilopolis.

He was immensely respected and admired throughout the region and following his death, people venerated his memory sufficiently to elevate him to godhood in Imperial mythology. Now, the sect is worshipped throughout the Empire of Makhaira.



The Glagolitsa is a script Naum created based upon several ancient texts. It includes a number of letters and sounds that are rarely, if ever, used in modern languages.


The Pismenech

The primary holy text of the sect is the Pismenech. It is based on the Notes of Naum in His Captivity, as well as a description of the creation of the Glagolitsa and Naum's work teaching the Berzeti how to read in that script.




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Schism of Naum