Norn's Rest

Norn’s Rest

Continent: Svellen Peninsula
Realm: Svellheim
Steading:Threkeld Steading
Type: Nuraghi

Norn's Rest is a nuraghi in north of Kolgrafir, Threkeld Steading, Svellheim.

As with all nuraghi, little is known of its origin. However, it holds some magic that prompts locals to keep their distance.


From the Books

“It has a way of making a person see all the worst in themselves.” Geirr pointed past it. “There’s a lea on the far side that would be perfect to quarry excellent stone. Every mason I know says it has the best stone they’ve ever seen. The founders of Kolgrafir decided to quarry down below, where they’ve still got excellent stone and that isn’t… looking at you. I suspect the masons are right about the stone up here, given how lightly the years have touched the tower, but I don’t blame the founders of Kolgrafir for their choice.”
- None Call Me Mother