Ordo Lectorum Tenendorumque Aevi

Ordo Lectorum Tenendorumque Aevi

Founded: 23 MG
Continent: All
Realm: Shijuren
Precept: Cyrielle Tiitus Tiryaki


or-DOE lek-TOR-um TEN-en-DORE-um-kway EYE-ev-ee

The Ordo Lectorum Tenendorumque Aevi is an order of scholars that has spread chapters and libraries throughout Shijuren. They are commonly called the Readers. Its current precept is Cyrielle Tiitus Tiryaki.

They collect information of all types. In very specific and controlled circumstances, they will answer questions of people who come to them, however, their oath (see below) limits what they can say.

They are a natural home for kurioi of all type, especially clikurioi. Because of their concentration of magic power, few attack or challenge their chapters or members.

The order was founded in 23 MG by a collection of Nordmannic and Old Imperial scholars and kurioi. Their original purpose was to save all of the knowledge they could that was quickly disappearing as those who had lived through the War of the Giants passed away. At the insistence of several, they dedicated themselves from the beginning to Wyrd, the Nordmannic goddess of fate. Their oath is structured to ensure they do not change fate, nor allow it to be changed.

In 846 MG, two brothers, Rabah Muniotz and Jaime Muniotz entered a chapter of the Readers in Euskalerria. However, in 849 MG, they broke their oath by defending a local village from Amaranthine raiders. Rather than simply dismissing them from the order, the precept of the time, Brigit Gwenhwyfar, instructed them to find a new oath that would serve Wyrd in a new way. Their efforts resulted in the Order of the Fortress of Rabah.


The Reader's Oath

By this oath I join the Ordo Lectorum Tenendorumque. To Wyrd I shall be true and faithful, and love all which she loves and shun all which she shuns, according to that which I read and keep and the order of the world. I renounce all other oaths that I may leave the world to unfold as she wishes. Nor will I ever with will or action, through word or deed, do anything which might harm her warp and weft. Thus swear I.

The oath itself, as can be seen, is actually fairly straightforward. However, clikurioi insist that there is a magic in that oath that shapes and is shaped by the kairoi surrounding the order. The key phrase is apparently: "do anything which might harm her warp and weft." To fulfill that, a person must fully understand what Wyrd's warp and weft truly are.

Whatever the magic might be, the net result of this oath is to force Readers to provide only that information they are sure will "keep the order of the world."