Rellen Falcoria

Daemanon Thuroi Small

Rellen Falcoria

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Deep blue-green
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 240 lbs
Mother: King Saren II, Llewellen Savareaux


18 Simmermoanne 1681 MG


REH-len Fal-KOR-ee-uh

Appears In

Seeds of Dominion

"A Fistful of Silver," first published in When Valor Must Hol

"What the Eye Sees," first published in Songs of Valor

More commenly known as Rellen of Corsia, he is currently the 9th Guardian of Pelinon and has served as a Guardian for six years. Prior to that, he spent four years as an elite scout for the King's Corsairs, two with the Grypharri Riders and two in the infantry. After six total years in service, he achieved the rank of Captain before turning his back on that way of life.

He now travels with a bonded dragonette known as Xilly, whom he encoutnered in the Duchy of Volikhari. He is most commonly seen wearing black leather armor and a leather bandolier and belt filled with a wide variety of symmajea spell components. He weilds the matching Falchions of Baladon, which he found in Nuraghi Kym'satur in the Duchy of Bakiri.

Rellen has also received advanced Symmajea training at the primary magic academy of Pelinon in Corsia, where he graduated with honors. He became a potent runecaster. Rellen has always been instinctively capable of "storing" his magic into material components like vials, rods, and crystals by inscribing the spell runes into them and leaving out a single verbal or symantic compment.


Spoilers from A Fistful of Silver
Spoilers from What the Eye Sees