Rho Kari'Ma People

Rho Kari'Ma People

Type: Humanoid
Height: 5 ft 2 in to 6 ft 9in
Weight: 120lbs to 350lbs
LIfespan: Approximately 70 years
Common Male Names:
Common Female Names:



Distinguishing Characteristics

The Rho Kari'Ma People (referred to by many humans as the mountain dog soldiers) are a race of canine humanoids who populate the mountains of the western Ve'Maki Peninsula and are generally isolated by the portion of the Great Wall that separates the peninsula from the mainland. It should be noted here that the Rho Kari'Ma People refer to the peninsula most frequently as Rho Kari'Ma.

Physical Description

They are a bipedal race of canine humanoids whose lineage can most closely be likened to coyotes. Their bodies are much slimmer than their distant cousins, the Charonos but more sturdy then their closest relatives the Soo Kari'Ma. They have long muzzles that are very capable of expression; tall, pointed ears; thick, bushy tails; and furred pelts that cover them from head to toe.

Their fur ranges from tan to black and leans more towards solid colors, although their necks and bellies can be a paler hue. There are some born with mottled patterns or splotches of color, but these are the exception rather than the rule. They have fingers ending in sharp claws very similar to a human hand, but their feet are shaped more like a canine's, with them walking on the balls of their feet and long, feet bones like a dog's.

They wear a limited mix of garments, including cloaks, boots, vests, tunics, and even leggings, but these are as varied as their pelts, leaning more towards personally expression than any need or desire to either cover or warm themselves. They are more prone to wearing various accoutrements made from wood, bone, feather, metal or stone. These can include necklaces, headbands, torcs, arm bands, bracelets, and anklets.

They are also inclined to wear facepaint as part of the many ceremonies that define their culture as well as when dealing with outsides, both in peace and war.


They enjoy a generally peaceful, tribal society, with different clans occupying their "native" regions of the Ve'Maki Penninsula. However, unlike the Soo Kari'Ma, there is a unified cross-tribal leadership council that establishes and maintains the Law of the People, metes out justice when a Laws has been broken. The council also works together in those rare instances when outsiders have, in the past, attempted incursions across the Great Wall and onto the penninsula. The various tribes exist primarily throughout the mountains of the peninsula, with by-annual excursions out onto the surrounding plains and forests that coincide with migrations of their primary food and hide sources that include several species of grazing herbivores.

They are considered by most human societies to be primitive in nature, but this is a misinterpretation at best. Their culture, society, and civilizaton is as complex and deeply understood as any civilization engendered by the other intelligent species of Daemanon, with a strong focuse on a harmony with the natural surroundings they call home.

Most of them are possesed of varying degrees of Zomajea or Life Magic, although they refer to it as Kari’Maro's Gift or just the Gift. However, only about ten percent of them have the Gift to any appreciable degree. The rest have only enough to leave no trace while traversing natural surroundings. While the Rho Kari'Ma as a species is mostly endowed with Zomajea, there are members of their society that are possessed of the other. These are exceptionaly rare, bordering on about one percent, and these gifts manifest in the same manner and to the same extent as humans. That is to say that most have only a very limited ability to tap into the magic, while a small percentage can manifest to greater extents.

As a result of Kari’Maro's Gift, they are also the only intelligent creatures known to have mastered the Vampire Grass that runs for a mile along the northern edge of the Great Wall. This is an instinctual ability they have, and those stronger in the ability can supress the dangerous effects of Vampire Grass in wider circles around them. They can cross over the Vampire Grass without suffering both the clutching, blood-sucking tendrils nor the life-sucking drain that gives vampire grass its name. It is for this reason that trade takes place across that expanse and allows the Rho Kari'Ma a certain level of security. The Soo Kari'Ma cannot cross it without assistance, and the Elwhari’Ma—able to cross over with their Dewkalves—have no interest in conquest. They actually perform teh role of importers and exporters between the Rho Kari'Ma and the other races/nations.



They are moderately tribal, traversing the mountains in search of wild game. The Rho Caré'ma have maintained an easy truce with humans of Pelinon and the Elwhari’Ma. They also maintain an uneasy truce with the Caré'ma. Conflicts between the two groups of dog soldiers have been known to happen, but because of the Great Wall—and the gaps that exist along it’s length segregating the peninsula—these are few and far between.

In human terms, they look like a cross between a human and the reddish maned wolves of South America. They are as thin in body structure as the Rho Caré'ma, but their limbs are markedly longer, they have a darker line of fur along their backs, and a mane-like collar of fur. Their tails are also bushy and almost invariably white, while the ends of their limbs run to darker, almost black fur.