Shijuren is the name for the world in Imperial. However, every language in the world has a direct cognate, so its etymology is a mystery. (See Katayanicum I:2 for a fuller discussion of the etymological question.

However, what is known is that Shijuren is land of great magic and powerful gods. The largest realm is Matriarchate of Periaslavl, but its most powerful is clearly the Empire of Makhaira.

Its largest known landmass is split into five major regions. East is Kalisharica. Next to it, Allyria is the central portion. Karelia is the western prominence. Matarica is the southwest one. Finally, to the south is Stochalia.

The two largest oceans are the Piperimar Ocean lying off the eastern coast, and the Cuananiar Ocean of the west. Some important seas are the Beloye Sea and the Volturnian Sea to the south. The Middle Sea separates Karelia from Matarica, and Woden’s Sea is north of Karelia.

Surrounding this major landmass are a number of small regions and island groups. The Western Isles are the most known. North of it is Angleland, home of the Seven Kingdoms. Zhogvordi, despite its relative proximity across the Beloye Sea, is poorly known because prevailing winds and currents make travel to it problematic. The Areyat Islands, northeast of the Zhogvordi, are also filled with treacherous currents. They have become a haven of pirates and marauders that routinely raid the coast of Amaranth.

There are legends of lands to both the east and west, but none have been proven. However, the Readers have, in the past, claimed to have maps that recorded those lands.