Skjaerdalen Steading

Skjaerdalen Steading

Founded: 871 MG
Continent: Svellen Peninsula
Realm: Svellheim
Main City: Skjaervik
Jarl: Geirr Stronghair



Skjaerdalen Steading is a steading in Svellheim. Its current jarl is Geirr Stronghair.

It stretched from Woden’s Sea to the North Road in the southern curve of the realm. Combined with an excellent natural harborage, it is a fairly important trading steading.

In 1706 MG, Snorri Erikssen, the konung, ruled in favor of Erland Arnorssen, jarl of Threkeld Steading, and moved most of the northern part of Skjaerdalen to Threkeld. This included the town of Kolgrafir and the portion including the North Road.