The Suwhahun are tall, lithe, denizens of the shattered isles to the northeast of Pelinon. Pelinon and the Suwhahun Matron have maintained a strong alliance for ninety-five years, ever since Pelinon defeated the nation of X and freed the Suwhahun from brutal servitude.
They are a generally peaceful people who live in harmony with their watery environment. They are capable of breathing on both land and water, possessing the ability to transform their their lower bodies between that of fish and humans. They can spend up to 72 hours outside of the water but need to be immersed in water at least one minute for every hour they are away.
They have established a treaty and strong trade ties with the tribe of Bhirtas’Vuoda that live along the coast south of the Shattered Isles. While the Bhirtas’Vuoda of that region detest humans, they appreciate many of the human goods that the Suwhahun trade with Pelinon.

Hair: Magenta through blue, purple and black, and their species has a natural tendency for multiple colors of hair naturally.
Eyes: All things neon
Height: 5’9 ~ 7’6”
Weight: 160 ~ 300

Soo - wah - hoon