Daemanon Thuroi Small


Type: Humanoid
Height: 5 ft 2 in to 6 ft 9in
Weight: 120lbs to 300lbs
Hair: Greens, browns, and blacks
Eyes: White to yellow to orange, with occasional greens and blues
Skin: Greens, browns, and blacks, often mottled, spotted, or striped. These markings separate clans
LIfespan: Approximately 70 years
Common Male Names:
Common Female Names:



Distinguishing Characteristics

The Valunai are a slender, humanoid race that occupies the island chain of Gael. There is some physical variety, segregated by tribes, but within tribes, the hair, eye, and body-type differences are limited.

They are the most magically endowed race of the entire continent of Daemanon, with nearly 100 % of their population capable of some sort of magic, and 30% of that capable of strong magic. 1 in 50,000 are ever capable of any other kind of magic than Line Magic. These individuals are identified at birth and forced to become members of the priesthood.

About 10% of them are also possessed with one other special ability: that of metamorphosis. Through a ritual of life magic, these individuals must consume part of both the heart and the brain of a selected species. Once the ritual is complete (taking a full twenty-four hours), the individual can then transform themselves into the desired creature. As the Valunai shifter grows in strength and ability, they can not only absorb more patterns to mimic, they are actually able to increase or decrease their mass to become closer to the original creature. Valunai with this gift are unable to mimic humanoids. However, in the case of certain magical creatures, they are able to mimic the magics such a creature is inherently possessed with.

The Valunai are generally xenophobic, inherently mistrustful of those persons who do not live in the forests of Gael. However, there are some individuals who have established relationships with and even worked for, the humans of the mainland. Those Valunai most likely to work with humans are the ones who inhabit the western-most island of the chain, and these individuals have become heavily invested in trafficking the shipping lanes around Daemonon in their sleek and fast sailing vessels.