Westering Winds

Westering Winds

Founded: 1441 MG
Continent: Allyria
Realm: Empire of Makhaira
Province: Lezhum Province
Settlement: Lezh
Owner: Dardan Drobnjak

Westering Winds is an inn and tavern in Lezh, Lezhum Province in the Empire of Makhaira. It is owned and run by Dardan Drobnjak.

Dardan is a member of the Dassaretae and few Enchelei patronize the Westering Winds.


From the Books

As I answered, Sebastijan turned onto a street that led along a ridge overlooking Lezh. The Westering Winds sat in an odd little dell, and the reason for its name became immediately obvious. A continuous zephyr carrying west from land to sea cooled the street before it.

"Sebastijan! You here to pay for last time?"

Sebastijan wryly smiled as a short but impressively pudgy man yelled from the doorway.
The Eyes of a Doll