Yakim Radlanovich

Yakim Radlanovich

Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 196 lbs


28 Wintermoanne 1683 MG


yah-KEEM RAD-lan-oh-vich

First Appeared

I Am a Wondrous Thing

Yakim Radlanovich is a cobbler with a shop near Jugovorata Gate in Medvedgorod, Medved Oblast, the Matriarchate of Periaslavl.


From the Books

People in Yakim Radlanovich’s neighborhood respected him so much for his skill at making comfortable shoes that all of them made sure his customers did not steal too much from him. His slow-working mind made his stitches precise, but he was probably the least intelligent man any of them knew.
- I Am a Wondrous Thing