Yenesei River

Yenesei River

Continent: Eastern Karelia/Western Allyria



The Yenesei River is a short river flowing from the eastern end of the Rueckenberge that curves generally in a half-circle to empty into the Middle Sea. For the last half or so of its course, it forms part of the border between the Kreisens and the Matriarchate of Periaslavl.

The river is generally slow and shallow, so there are many places to ford it. For most of its course, it provides little hindrance to Kreisic raiders that cross it regularly.

There are three large towns and cities along the river. One set are the twin cities of Tarnovo on the Periaslavlan side and Flusszell on the Kreisen side where a solid stone bridge crosses the Yenesei.

To the south, where the Yenesei opens into the Middle Sea, is the hafnkreisen Hanzekantoor.