Join the Street Team

Here there be Giants! And you!

We are in need of people to join our Street Team.

A Street Team is a group of people that help us at conventions. If one of the writers is at a con, we might ask that you assist them with setup and tear down. If Eldros Legacy is throwing a con party, we might ask for help here as well, and this might include a variety of tasks. There might also be conventions where none of us is going and we ask that you take cards or bookmarks to hand out. It’s quite likely there will be all sorts of other tasks we discover along the way as this project grows.

What’s in it for you? Well, we’ll have a number of gifts for our street team along the way., plus of course, our eternal gratitude.

If you’re interested, please REQUEST┬áto request becoming a member of the Eldros Legacy Street Team on Facebook or send an email to