Fall Has Fallen and Movies Are Back Fall Has Fallen and Movies Are Back

I have two things of note this morning. The first and most basic is that, for the first time since Spring, I’m wearing a lousy sweatshirt out in the workshop where I do my writing. This is not good news. This means that my old friend Summer is fading, and that cold, damp cretin Fall is coming around for another

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Adding Definition to Characters and Plot Through Short Stories Adding Definition to Characters and Plot Through Short Stories

I Just wrapped a short story that will be published by New Mythology Press this fall. The process for this particular story really stands out for me. Since creating the realms on Pyranon, my imagination skips from character to character and to their places with in the different stories taking place at the same time. I’m no George Martin, for

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The Time Between Projects The Time Between Projects

I suppose I should clarify that headline. For, I suspect, most professional writers, the definition of projects has different meanings. For some, every writing deliverable is a project. For others, like myself, novels are pretty much all I consider to be my writing projects. Short stories and novelettes aren’t projects, they’re jobs. Right now, I find myself between the projects Paladin’s Light

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Motorcycles and Elitism Motorcycles and Elitism

For those who don’t know, I’m a rabid motorcycle enthusiast. I’ve been riding for over thirty years and have ridden just about every class of bike there is. Street bikes, cruisers, sport bikes, sport touring, touring, off-road, and a few in-betweens as well. I’ve ridden V-twins (inline and cross-mounted), inline threes and fours. I’ve ridden two, three, and four-wheelers. I

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Rob’s Ramblings: Armistice AAR Rob’s Ramblings: Armistice AAR

Greetings all I am home safely from a fantastic trip to Armistice. I’m so glad I went. For those who aren’t aware, Armistice was a replacement event for the largest SCA event around, Pennsic. It was held at the same site as Pennsic, Cooper’s Lake Campground in Slippery Rock, PA. There were about 1450 attendees where Pennsic has about 10,000.

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Checking Boxes Checking Boxes

I always feel better if I can check at least one box during the day. by checking a box, I mean, check off an item on a to-do list. I guess it’s just my personality type. I can’t not check off a box. I am productivity-driven. I love me a solid spreadsheet. And I love to check boxes. Today the

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Quotables – Perseverance Quotables – Perseverance

I run. Or rather, I like to say that I run, but I probably jog. I have running shorts, running shirts, and running shoes. But I jog. There’s probably a speed threshold between jogging and running, and I’m pretty sure I’ve fallen beneath the required minutes-per-mile. I used to run. Once I could sustain nearly an eight-min-mile average over five

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Done and Done…. Right? Done and Done…. Right?

I bleached out the fountain in the front yard today. It had literally gone green with algae. Who knew that water recycled through two tiers of fancifully molded concrete would sprout day-glo green algae within a month? Who, I ask you? Okay, probably everybody who has ever owned a fountain. Or a pool. Or paid any attention to water. ….

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Stories that Transcend Genre – The Fault in Our Stars Stories that Transcend Genre – The Fault in Our Stars

So I started listening to The Fault in Our Stars yesterday while weed-whacking “the verge,” as Gandalf might say. And I am blown away. As a writer, I can often see where a story is going before I’m too deep into it. As a reader, I can spot a great book when, even though I can see what is coming,

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Paving the way for Seeds of Dominion Paving the way for Seeds of Dominion

A writer’s schedule is frequently a chaotic thing lacking definition. There’s always another project looming on the horizon. There’s the short story you owe this week, plus the novel you’re working on, plus the novel you want to get to next, and even the short story you  owe next week or month. And sometimes those get switched around on the

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